Are you interested in improving your volleyball game and looking for an avenue to get coaching? We are pleased to announce that CBVA Clinics are now back, starting October 16, 2022! We are delighted to work with Coach Nick Bryant again this season to bring you guys the Clinic Program for Fall 2022.

This is the Beginner/Intermediate Series of our Clinic Program. The sessions are now populated on TeamArrange under the Clinics tab. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Player Development Chair for this season. Feel free to also approach the other board members to forward your questions.

Stay tuned for more info on our Advanced/Intermediate Series coming in Spring 2023.



October 16, 2022 Session 1: Consistent Serving and Passing – fundamentals, simplicity, and repeatability
October 23, 2022 Session 2: The Basics of Setting – setting hittable balls
October 30, 2022 Session 3: The Basics of Hitting Part 1 – hitting contact, arm swing, and 2-step footwork
November 6, 2022 Session 4: The Basics of Hitting Part 2 – 4-step hitting footwork, approach, angles, timing, consistency, and placement
November 13, 2022 Session 5: The Basics of Blocking – footwork, defensive stance, and split step
November 20, 2022 Session 6: Incorporating All Three Touches – game flow, 4-2 rotation
December 11, 2022 Bonus: Focus on Jump Serves (floats and top spin)