Clinics, whether they are focused on learning the basics or skills drills, can help every player improve! CBVA aims to offer a wide variety of clinics each year, for both beginners and more advanced players.

Spring 2019 Clinics

Our Spring 2019 clinics will be taught at a more intermediate level, though players of all levels are welcome to attend! Our coach can help newer players catch up, as well as give higher level players more advanced critiques and suggestions. Each clinic will include skills drills/practice/repetition, and most will discuss strategy as well as go through some game drills. Each clinic also builds upon the previous clinic; however, players are welcome to attend whichever clinics they are interested in. 

General Information:

Who? All members & non-members are welcome to attend, and all clinics are coached by Nick Bryant! 
Sundays, 12:00pm – 2:00pm (see schedule below for information on final dates)
Where? King School (101 Kinnaird Street, Cambridge, MA)
Cost? $15 per clinic (pre-register online or pay in cash at the door; discounted 5-packs at $50 are available online)
Anything else? Each clinic is capped at 18 registrants due to limited gym space; attendees are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis



Jan 27: Serving & Serve Receive: Overhand serving & serve receive/passing.

Feb 10: Setting: Overhand setting technique.
Feb 24: Hitting: Hitting approach/footwork & arm swing. 
Mar 10: Digging: Defense & digging.

Mar 24: Hitting, Siding Out, & Blocking: Blocking footwork/technique; transitioning to hitting from serve receive. 

Apr 7: Hitting in Transition: Hitting & making attacks off a dig.

Apr 28: Speeding Up & Running an Offense: Setting & hitting practice, focusing on running more advanced offensive plays.

May 12: Rotations & Team Play: Team positioning & team strategy.


You can register for a specific clinic in advance for $15 below, or register for a discounted 5-Pack Clinic Pass for $50 ($75 value) to attend (5) clinics! First-time spring attendees, register for “5-Pack Clinic Pass (C)” when you click the button below. You can also pay in cash at the door, but please note that clinics are first-come, first-serve, and registration is capped at (18) attendees.

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