For members to play in any rated sessions on Sundays, a player must either have an active rating with CBVA or be actively in the process of being rated.

Please review the information available here on our website regarding ratings. If you have any questions that remain unanswered, please feel free to contact the Ratings Committee Chair at ratings@cbvolleyball.net. 

Getting a new rating

We have done away with the need to schedule an appointment for an evaluation. Instead, we now operate with a ratings committee or panel where a number of identified raters share and discuss observations and feedback on players collectively to reach a rating decision. The current committee consists of:

  • Brian Chau, Chair
  • Adam Fogel
  • Isen Andrew Calderon
  • John Santa Maria
  • Anthony Reed
  • Michael Santos
  • Pete Biencourt
  • Hayden Smith

Please visit the Ratings Procedure page to learn about how the current process works.


Points and letter conversions

At CBVA, we use a 110-point system. These points are used to help compare players within a session to each other. For example, a player who has just moved up from C to B might be a 50, while a more seasoned B player could be a 65. These points are occasionally used to help balance teams for leagues and tournaments. However, for Sunday play, only the range that a player’s rating falls into matters. We do not take into account a player’s rating within the session (e.g. a 50 vs. a 65) for the purpose of determining inter-level ratings. We’ve listed NAGVA and Yankee ratings equivalents below, but please note that these are rough approximations. In addition, CBVA’s ratings system will hold authority over outside ratings systems, noting that an outside rating does not guarantee play in a given session.

The following points are required for each session:

  • AA: 90+ (roughly NAGVA A or Yankee B or higher)
  • A: 70+ (roughly NAGVA BB or Yankee C+ / Yankee B-)
  • B: 50+ (roughly NAGVA B or Yankee C / low Yankee C+)
  • C: 30+ (roughly Yankee C- / low Yankee C)
  • D: 10+

Note that the Yankee rating comparison is just an approximation, not a rule.

Player benchmarks

– D –

This session is recreational. D session is a good fit for players who have just started playing volleyball, and haven’t received any formal training. All are welcome.

– C –

C session is a competitive session and general volleyball knowledge is required to be a good fit. Players in this session typically don’t have any formal training but are fairly athletic and are able to move quickly to the ball and react to plays as they unfold. Players understand rotational systems (5-1 or 6-2), and do not need direction from teammates about where to be on the court. A typical C player can execute most skills (hitting, blocking, setting, passing, digging, and serving), but the results may be error-prone on occasion.

– B –

B session is competitive. Players are expected to be fluent in rotational systems and not need any direction from teammates. A typical B player should be able to execute all volleyball skills (hitting, blocking, setting, passing, digging, and serving) with some consistency. They may have some skills that are stronger than others as they begin to specialize. In the skills relevant to their position, B players should be fairly consistent and make only occasional errors. Players at this level should be able to run plays with good passes and can typically get a kill on an open net.

– A –

A session is highly competitive. Players are expected to be fluent in rotational systems and always know their place on the court. A players are generally specialized into one or two positions. A players are effective when executing the skills related to their specialty. For example, an A hitter will likely get a kill off a good set and should only rarely hit out or into the net. The game at this level is significantly faster and more aggressive than in a B session. Players can run plays on good passes and can read the other team on out-of-system plays.

– AA –

This level is the highest we offer at CBVA. Players are fluent in rotations, as well as mechanics. These players are skilled at reading the other team and adjusting accordingly. Most players in this session have college varsity experience, and have been coached for many years.

Getting in touch

You can email the current chair of the ratings committee at ratings@cbvolleyball.net.