2021 Indoor Play Options

Here are the currently available options for CBVA indoor:

  •  Summer 2021 Advanced League @ Hanover

    Registration: Opens June 26th here on Leagueapps

    When: Tuesday nights, 7:00-10:00PM (except August 10th, which is 7:30-10:30pm), July 6th – August 31st

    Cost: $625/team

    Where: Starland Sportsplex and Fun Park 637 Washington St, Hanover, MA

    Format: Men’s Height 6s, Captain-submitted teams. Up to 2 B players per team, all levels above encouraged. Minimum 4 teams, maximum 8 teams. Round-robin format (no gold/silver brackets).

    Ratings: Ratings are locked in from the 2019-2020 season. If available, a Yankee rating may be used in place of a CBVA rating. Questions regarding rating eligibility may be forwarded to ratings@cbvolleyball.net.

    Free Agent/Carpool List: Google doc for free agents, captains looking for players, and ridesharing here.


  • Spring 2021 Open Play Saturdays @ Marlborough
    • Runs through June 26th
    • “Fore Kicks II Indoor & Outdoor Sports Complex” (219 Forest St, Marlborough, MA 01752)
    • 11am-2pm on Saturdays
    • 60 player capacity (10 teams) on 4 nets
    • Starts Saturday, May 1
    • $12/person – MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE up to 48 hours ahead of the session
    • Register here on TeamArrange (use code “CBVA”)
    • Players are pre-purchasing their admission into sessions. This means that players must commit to their signups. Not showing up to the session after enrolling, or last minute cancellations can result in penalties or restrictions to play in future sessions.
    • As a general rule, refunds aren’t allowed in order to discourage last-minute cancellations that could disrupt court managing at sessions. We understand that emergencies happen, though, so refunds can ultimately be given at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Need a ride? Check out the carpooling coordination spreadsheet or ask around in the CBVA Facebook Group!

COVID-19 Play Modifications

  • Masks are required at all times. Disposable masks will be included for players if needed.
  • Format is 6 v 6 on a men’s height net on a regular indoor court
  • COVID waivers are required for all players, including substitutes
  • Refunds are not guaranteed in the event of season cancellation due to changing COVID-related restrictions and guidelines

Rules & Expectations

** For more information on player ratings, check out the Ratings page **

SATURDAY | Open Play

Rating: No Minimum

This session losely adheres to USAV rules, including doubles, carry, lifts, line faults etc. Working knowledge of 5-1 and 6-2 formations is useful (but not necessary). Players unfamiliar with 5-1 and 6-2 formations are expected to listen and learn how to play in formation.


Rating: 90 or Higher / Yankee B- or Higher

This level is the highest we offer at CBVA. Players are fluent in rotations, as well as mechanics. These players are skilled at reading the other team and adjusting accordingly. Most players in this session have college varsity experience, and have been coached for many years.


Rating: 70 or Higher / Yankee C+ or Higher

A session is highly competitive. Players are expected to be fluent in rotational systems and always know their place on the court. A players are generally specialized into one or two positions. A players are effective when executing the skills related to their specialty. For example, an A hitter will likely get a kill off a good set and should only rarely hit out or into the net. The game at this level is significantly faster and more aggressive than in a B session. Players can run plays on good passes and can read the other team on out-of-system plays.


Rating: 50 or Higher

B session is competitive. Players are expected to be fluent in rotational systems and not need any direction from teammates. A typical B player should be able to execute all volleyball skills (hitting, blocking, setting, passing, digging, and serving) with some consistency. They may have some skills that are stronger than others as they begin to specialize. In the skills relevant to their position, B players should be fairly consistent and make only occasional errors. Players at this level should be able to run plays with good passes and can typically get a kill on an open net.


Rating: 30 or Higher / Yankee C- or Higher

C session is a competitive session and general volleyball knowledge is required to be a good fit. Players in this session typically don’t have any formal training but are fairly athletic and are able to move quickly to the ball and react to plays as they unfold. Players understand rotational systems (5-1 or 6-2), and do not need direction from teammates about where to be on the court. A typical C player can execute most skills (hitting, blocking, setting, passing, digging, and serving), but the results may be error-prone on occasion.


Rating: No Minimum

This session is recreational. D session is a good fit for players who have just started playing volleyball, and haven’t received any formal training.
All are welcome.

Court Managing

In order to run indoor play efficiently, we require our general membership to support us by volunteering to court manage. This entails signing in players, collecting payments, forming teams, and resolving any play and logistical issues that arise for their respective sessions. In addition, if you court manage a session, your session fee will be waived for that session. If you’re interested in court managing or have any related questions, please fill in the form below or speak with our indoor play co-chairs.

For those new to court managing:  Court Managing Quick Guide

For trained court managers: Court Managing Sign Up Form

Equipment Rental

CBVA will be offering uniforms and ball rental to assist league members with traveling tournaments. Equipment is expected to be returned by the following weekend.

Equipment Rental Request

Contact the Indoor Committee