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Refund and Cancellation Policy


Our Refund Policy is that we do not have a refund policy. Why doesn’t CBVA provide refunds? Great question! CBVA is a not-for-profit LGBTQIA+ volleyball league. We are entirely volunteer run. Our mission is to provide a safe space for LGBTQIA+ individuals to partake in volleyball. All revenue (player fees, session fees, clinic fees, tournament fees, etc) contributes to our mission. Paying a fee is a non-deductible contribution towards league operations. Rest assured that your contributions enable further progress and stability of league operations.

What about timing and notification if I can’t attend? I understand that CBVA does not offer refunds.

Players are able to remove themselves from sessions they can no longer attend. CBVA does not issue refunds (so don’t sign up if you’re unsure you’ll attend). We expect you to self-remove at least 1 hour before session so the court managers have a chance to rebalance/add from the waitlist, and we will be asking court managers to track no-shows and tardy (15+ minute) arrivals. Players who no-show or who are consistently tardy may have their ability to sign-up for sessions restricted.