Volunteer Opportunities

Cambridge Boston Volleyball Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization run by non-paid staff consisting of loyal and dedicated members who volunteer. 

In order to work effeciently and continue our mission of creating a safe and welcoming environment to play volleyball, below are some of the things you can start doing to help!

Court Set Up / Break Down

In order to maximize time available to play, the help of all members is appreciated and we ask that as you arrive to the beggining of a session you get involved by learning and help with the following: 

  • Laying down lines with tape (Court Lines, 10 foot lines, middle of the court)
  • Set up Nets, anthena and Score Boards
  • Raise the basketball hoops

At the end of the last session, that you help breakdown. The more help we have, the quicker we can put things away, the longer we can stretch our play.

  • Peel off the lines
  • Break down the nets, anthena and score boards
  • Lower the basketball hoops

Court Managing

In order to run indoor play efficiently, we require our general membership to support us by volunteering to court manage. This entails

  • Signing in players
  • Collecting payments
  • Forming teams
  • Resolving any play and logistical issues that arise for their respective sessions.

In addition, if you court manage a session, your session fee will be waived for that session. If you’re interested in court managing or have any related questions, please fill in the form below or speak with our indoor play co-chairs.

For those unfamiliar with court managing: Court Managing Quick Guide

For experienced court managers: Court Managing Sign-up Spreadsheet 


Photographers and Videographers

In an effort to document our events and have content to create marketing materials in the future. We’d love to have volunteers whose sole purpose is to walk around and take pictures and film. We are looking for members who’d be willing to capture many of the moments in Tournaments and Social events. 

Event Volunteers

Looking for volunteers to help with the following tasks:

  • Door tickets sales
  • Raffle sales (selling tickets / award prizes)

Tournament Volunteers

Looking for volunteers to help with the following tasks: 

  • Court Set Up
  • Tournament Hosts (to help out of town players)


Enthusiastic members to help spread the word, hang flyers in venues and assist with getting people acquainted with our league. 

Digital Creatives

Members who can assist Events, Tournaments, Indoor and Outdoor committees with creating captivating marketing materials in different mediums about upcoming events and play innitiatives. 


Contact the Indoor Committee