Ratings Procedure

If you are new, unrated CBVA member:

  • Continue to attend play. We collect feedback from Sunday play on a regular basis and will use the play that we have recently seen to inform our ratings decisions
  • There is no need to email us unless you think that you have been overlooked by the ratings committee

If you are an existing CBVA member requesting an uprate:

  • Email ratings@cbvolleyball.net detailing your request for an uprate and your skills that you have demonstrated that you feel would justify an uprate
  • The Ratings Chair will confirm that the committee has received your request

In either scenario, the following will happen:

  • Please continue to attend CBVA sessions. Raters attend play on a weekly basis and will observe you playing and will reference your recent play
  • The Ratings Chair aggregates the descriptive commentary and recommendation from raters into a single decision
  • The ratings decision will be communicated back to the player via email in a timely manner following the decision

Please note the following:

  • Ratings are considered provisional during whichever period is shorter: 2 months or four separate Sunday sessions
  • The provisional decision provides the Ratings Committee time to validate their decision. If a provisional rating is revoked/reversed, the player in question, the Commissioner, and the Vice Commissioner will be notified. Provisional rating reversals cannot be appealed and a player can request an uprate along the appropriate timeline (see below)
  • If a player disagrees with their rating, an appeal may be filed with the Board. The Board can choose to uphold the rating, request a re-rating, or perform a re-rating themselves. Appeal requests shall be submitted in writing to all of the following: the Ratings Chair, the Commissioner, and the Deputy Commissioner
  • A player may not request an uprate more than twice in any given season (noting that an uprate request that results in an uprate will NOT count towards the two-per-year minimum) and shall wait a minimum of 3 months between uprate requests