CBVA Outdoor runs from mid-May through early September.

In grass, teams are formed by Court Managers from the pool of attendees. Depending on attendance teams games will range from doubles, quads to full team of sixes.

Each session runs until sundown and members are welcome to join or leave at any time during the session.

A summer membership is required to participate in Outdoor. (Summer membership is included as part of full year membership.) Get your membership on TeamArrange.com using code “CBVA“.

Transit Options

  • Walk from Red Line JFK / UMASS stop
  • Parking available around beach and park

Nets are set up next to Columbus Park Outdoor Track.

Schedule | Open Play

Moakley Park 1732 William J Day Blvd, Boston, MA 02127

Sundays, 2 – 6pm

Thursdays, 5:30pm – sundown

Rules & Expectations


Cancellations are announced on our Facebook page.

CBVA Outdoor Open Play is designed to be relaxed and social in nature, no prior play experience is required! Teams are formed either via team captains or a designated court manager. We typically play grass 6’s in middle set formation (which is easy to learn). The courts are smaller than those of indoor play. Fault calls are also relaxed during outdoor play. Advanced doubles/quads also available.

Enforced calls are:

  • Net violations: Any time the net is contacted by a player a fault should be called to avoid knocking over a net and causing player injury.
  • Under calls: These are usually only called for being egregiously under the net (full body due to safety concerns).
  • Four contacts: Each team is limited to three contacts (not including blocking) to get the ball over the net.
  • Foot faults: When serving.

Players can come and go as they please and are not required to stay for the whole session. The teams are not fixed per session as rebalancing of teams is frequently required. It is recommended that players remember to bring hydration and protection from the sun. There are water fountains available at the park, but at a fair distance from the playing courts.